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A statement released to news outlets earlier today came without the knowledge of the Administration or the Board of Dynamic Community Charter School. We do not support the statement that NCDPI has broken promises with our school, although there have been miscommunications regarding the timing and scope of funding.

As has been extensively covered in the media, per student funding in North Carolina is not adequate to support our students.  Funding for special needs falls far short of what is necessary to provide the additional instructional support and services needed by our student population. As a charter school, Dynamic Community Charter School also has additional expenses in the first year, including outfitting our facility and establishing our curriculum and instructional materials.

Our enrollment via lottery includes twenty-two students who were home schooled and not enrolled in the school system last year. There is no federal funding for these students’ special needs, and these students can only be funded by the state when we finish the IEP process and write special state grants. Establishing an IEP takes time and there are absolutely no guarantees regarding funding for these students.

In fact, to date, we have not even received any additional funding for the exceptional needs of our students who were enrolled in the school system last year. We now expect to receive some of these funds in an allotment this week. We face certain funding challenges this year, but will not be closing in December.

We believe in the mission of Dynamic Community Charter School: At Dynamic Community Charter School (DCCS), we believe that students with developmental and intellectual disabilities can continue to grow and develop throughout middle and high school. They deserve an education that empowers them and unleashes their creativity and talents. Their education should equip students with the cognitive, problem-solving, and collaborative skills they will need in order to live independent and fulfilling lives as adults. They deserve to be challenged, encouraged, and given the opportunity to be active participants in the learning process. They deserve a school environment that is safe and respectful, where their opinions, personalities and talents are valued.

With the support of our Dynamic Community and the community at large we know we can continue our mission and positively impact our students and community at large.  Please contact board@dynamicccs.net with any additional questions or concerns.  Thank you.

planted no signState and Federal funds are not enough to build our school and sustain the quality of education our exceptional children need and deserve! Please join one of our fundraising teams!  Community volunteers—all invested individuals who care about the mission of our school–are welcome and will be warmly received. The resources are there, we just need more hands to gather them! Mark these dates for our next subcommittee meetings: Events–November 18th at 8pm, immediately following the Parents’ Association meeting; Grants—December 7th, 5:15-6:30pm.  All of our meetings are held on campus: 5510 Munford Rd, Raleigh.  But don’t wait for the meetings to get involved!  Contact Theresa Syros if you can help on the events team or Laura Kay Berry if you can help on the grants team.  We need everyone involved in this important effort!wish list


We call it a “Wish” list, but it’s really a list of items our teachers need to offer our amazing students the most excellent education and experience possible!  Would you consider adding one of their wishes to your holiday shopping list this year?  Click the picture for a PDF you can print and carry with you!

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Check out this Dynamic presentation for more information about our school!


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