It Takes a Community to Start a Charter School

The process for starting a charter school in North Carolina is complex. Take a look at last year’s charter school applications — some are more than 100 pages long! The guide for figuring out the finances of a charter school is 50 pages long.

In order to make this school a reality, we will need the skills of many people:

  • Educators who have experience in special education, regular education, and project-based learning
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists
  • People with experience in finance and business planning
  • Managers
  • Fundraisers (because the state doesn’t provide funding for a building!)

In addition to figuring out the school’s education plan and finance plan, we will need to find a place to house the school!

It’s a big job, but if we are committed, we can make it happen. Do you have the skills we need, and are you willing to help?


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