Building a Dynamic Community Campaign Launch

We are excited to announce the official launch of ourBuilding a Dynamic Community fundraising campaign!

It’s time for us to get excited and invest ourselves fully in raising some money for our school! We need your help to give Dynamic Community Charter School a strong beginning.
DCCS urgently requires additional funds to open. Governmental funding does not cover many of the start-up costs essential for equipping and furnishing a charter school and is not adequate to provide the necessary specialized support for our exceptional students.

Dynamic Community Charter School has officially launched our Building a Dynamic Community fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 by July 25th. The DCCS Board is contributing $20,000 in donations to kick-off our campaign, and we, as committed DCCS families, also need to give all we can to this effort.

Please thoughtfully consider what your family can donate to DCCS by the July 25th deadline. Set a personal fundraising goal that matches your resolve that a school like ours is vital to our children and to our community.  Reach out to family members, friends, religious groups, civic organizations, and community supporters who share your enthusiasm for educating our children well.  Your participation in this effort is imperative.

We will support you every step of the way by supplying the right tools for you to accomplish your fundraising goals. These tools include: specific ideas about how to get started, individual fundraising pages, a letter template, a professional-quality printable brochure about our school, and social media support.  We are also hosting a fundraising support meeting at 7pm this Wednesday evening, July 2, at Pathways Treatment Center, 103 Salem Towne Ct, Apex (please RSVP to attend!). You can find information about andresources for our campaign online on our school website.

Please email our fundraising committee if you have additional questions, concerns, or needs regarding the launch of your personal campaign to raise needed funds for our school! Together we are strong!