About Us

IMG_20140828_084912079_HDROur students are the heart and soul of our Dynamic Community.  Make no mistake: One electric conviction links every contributing member of our dynamic community, from Board members, to staff members, to parents and students. We believe that children with intellectual and developmental disabilites can continue to discover and maximize their potential through middle and high school and into adulthood, and we are determined to create an educational environment that expects that growth and facilitates it.

In 2014, Dynamic Community Charter School welcomes 70 students in 6th through 10th grade, and in the next two years, we will add an 11th and 12th grade to our program.  Our student population includes children with a wide-range of intellectual and developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism spectrum disorders, Sotos syndrome, OHI, intellectual delays, dyspraxia, fetal alcohol syndrome, 1P36 Deletion syndrome, and anxiety issues related and unrelated to the challenges previously named.  We are excited, proud, and grateful to serve these capable students!IMG_20140828_123201662“Finally there’s a place for my son to fit in and thrive. I have high hopes for the coming years of education. And I will help anyway I can.” ~Angela Matthews

“This school is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s like a Big dream that has come to fruition. Our Son has needed a school like this for so long. I do believe it will be a successful school because, we as parents are willing to make it so.., In any way we are able to.” ~Lisa Vine

“I’m excited as a teacher for all of the students that will be attending. This is a school that had been needed for a long time in the community. Also as a community member, I will help to see this school be successful. I will help in anyway I can.”~Kelly O’Hara

“Our family is hopeful and excited for our daughter to be in a school where she is recognized, respected and has the opportunity to shine!”~Deanna Graff


Lead Administrator, Terri Zobel: tzobel@dynamicccs.net