DCCS Board Meeting May 30, 2018

The Dynamic Community Charter School Board will meet May 30, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Starbucks on Lake Boone Trail in the Meeting Room (3800 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh).


* Dynamic Community Charter School Needs US now!

A wonderful story about DCCS.

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A student from Dynamic Community Charter School (DCCS) wrote an opinion column in today’s News and Observer.  Entitled “A life-changing school where everyone fits in,” Bailey describes his long, miserable years of educational and social struggles.  Diagnosed at age 3 with Asperger’s, he found himself without friends, considered “a freak of nature.”  Fast forward to this year, where he is now a member of Dynamic Community Charter School, where all students are identified as having special needs.  Bailey describes his initial skepticism and then joy in discovering an environment where he is no longer an isolate and no longer bullied.  He “can’t survive” in a regular public school and will drop out if Dynamic is closed.

DCCS is facing an uphill battle against the State Board of Education, which seems determined to put an end to this special school.  The board cites three reasons, according to DCCS’ website: funding, teacher licensure, and IEP compliance…

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Community Corner: Special Olympics Wake County

unnamedFrom the folks at Special Olympics:

Special Olympics Wake County is looking to establish a local committee to support the offered sport training and local competitions.

We are seeking volunteers to serve on a committee of parents, businessmen and women, professionals and volunteers that are ready to make a difference in the lives of 1600 athletes in Wake County

We are holding an  Interest Meeting on Monday October 27, 2014 at 6:00pm at Jaycee Community Center: 2405 Wade Avenue, Raleigh NC 27607

Local Program Flyer (Wake)

DCCS Ribbon Cutting Speech from BOD President, Laura Kay Berry


Thank you for joining us here today.  My name is Laura Kay Berry, and I am Chairman of the Board for Dynamic Community Charter School.  I’d like to start off by recognizing Diane Morris for her vision of a better approach to educating our children.  Without the tireless efforts of Diane and our tremendous Board members, we would not be standing here.  They crafted that vision into the school we are standing in front of today.

I’d like each of our board members to introduce themselves, as we would not be here without their dedication and sacrifice.  Remarkably, most of our Board members do not have a student attending Dynamic Community, but they believed in our vision for your children.

If you have read our lengthy charter school application, you will understand how amazing it is that we laid the groundwork and foundation and filed our comprehensive charter school application just three months from the first informational meeting in November of 2012.

I feel fortunate to have been at that meeting.  Many of us recognized that the current public school approach was not working for our children.   In the words of William Butler Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

We dared to dream that educating children with special needs could be better accomplished; that there was a more appropriate approach to reach our students and uncap their true potential.  It isn’t rocket science, folks. Rather, Dynamic Community was built by a core group of parents, teachers, therapists, and volunteers who understood our principles of project based learning, individualized competency goals, and collaborative problem solving.

These principles are not new.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me, and I forget; teach me, and I may remember; involve me, and I learn.”  Dynamic Community offers a hands on approach that can be customized and tailored for our students individualized learning styles while teaching them to work collaboratively with peers.

As we jump into this year, we look forward to seeing our students’ growth and accomplishments and ask for your continued support as we continue to develop our community.  We have many events planned including our 2nd Annual Icing on the Cake Gift and Craft Show on November 22nd and a fantastic gala in late winter.

While the Board laid the groundwork and foundation, our Community does not stop there.  Our parents and students stepped forth this summer with your time, efforts, resources, and donations to ensure we were ready to open our doors.  You jumped into our Dynamic Community and helped make our dream a reality, and we are grateful for your efforts and for allowing us the privilege of educating your children.

Among us today are many of the businesses and individuals who helped transform this building from an empty shell to a vibrant school, often at reduced or no cost.  Thank you for your tremendous efforts to ensure we were ready to open.

The newest addition to our Community is our faculty and staff.  It is been my honor and pleasure to work alongside these amazing educators as we transition the school from an approval on paper to a working reality.  Our faculty and staff have everything we would want in those educating our children: passion, dedication, patience, and compassion.  With the full support of our Dynamic Community behind them, they will help us unlock our children’s true potential.

And finally, I’d like to thank the students of Dynamic Community.  You are the heart and soul of our Dynamic Dragons, and we are so thankful and grateful to have you here today and every day.

Welcome to our Dynamic Community.

Now, I’d like introduce Mike Watkins our Lead Administrator.  His enthusiasm and dedication to our kids and our vision are exactly what we need and we are grateful for his willingness to join our Dynamic Community.

A Letter from BOD President, Laura Kay Berry

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!  
-Audrey Hepburn

Five days ago, I had the pleasure of watching our children enter through the doors of Dynamic Community Charter School as we opened our doors for the very first time. Given both the exceptional abilities and challenges present in our student population, I am amazed at how quickly we are settling in as a school. It is incredible to think that just twenty-one months ago, Diane Morris held an informational meeting to explore the possibility of opening a project-based charter school for special needs students.

 It has been my pleasure to have been along for the entire journey from that first meeting.  Her passionate vision for the school was shaped and formed into what we will celebrate at our Open House and Ribbon Cutting on September 13th. Please join me in extending our collective gratitude to Diane for all she has done for our Dynamic Community.  Diane and our other incredible board members Sara Turner, Amy Cameron, David Berry, David Prestrud, Kristin Ferguson, Sondra Davis, and Erica Spann have worked tirelessly to bring forth a structure both literally and figuratively that will become a national model for educating exceptional children.

Thank you to our families for trusting us with your fantastic children and for your extraordinary efforts and support this summer to help us open our doors.  I have had the opportunity to meet many of our students and they truly are the heart and soul of our Dynamic Community. Thank you to our exceptional faculty and staff for their comment to our students and our vision.  Their enthusiasm and dedication are remarkable and we appreciate them joining our children on this journey.

 I have often been accused of being overly optimistic.  The glass to me is always half full.  However, I assure you my strength lies in seeing the big picture, including obstacles, while remaining positive and focused on reaching the goal. As parents and guardians, we have learned to celebrate our children’s successes; with patience and encouragement, we help turn their challenges into accomplishments.  With Dynamic Community, we have the unique opportunity to do the same at school.

We have many exciting opportunities this year and I am honored to help lead our Dynamic Community going forward. We are launching a new parent organization and look forward to seeing how our families continue to help shape the vision of our Dynamic Community.  We have an awesome, hip, and trendy theme for a spectacular gala in early 2015. Mark your calendars for September 16th at 7 pm to help us plan what will be the gala of the year to raise much needed funds to ensure our children the support and services they deserve. You’re also invited to a forum to be scheduled in the next few weeks where our faculty and families can help visualize and give valuable input on our outside project space.

It is my honor and privilege to help build upon the incredible foundation laid by Diane Morris and our Board to date as we continue building our Dynamic Community. My philosophy on leadership is that to lead is to serve. Together, we can lead the way in excellence of educating children with disabilities.

If we haven’t met, please introduce yourself, and I look forward to working with each of you on this amazing journey,

Laura Kay Berry