What is a charter school?
A charter school is a public school. Private individuals or organizations apply to the State Board of Education for charters to open schools that offer parents and students an alternative to the traditional public school system. Charter schools receive tax dollars for the education of students. However, most charter schools must raise private money as well in order to cover start-up costs (charter schools get no government money until after they open) and to fund their innovative efforts to provide students with an excellent education.

Who can attend a charter school?
Any student can attend a charter school. Although the Dynamic Community Charter School will be located in Wake County, students from any county in North Carolina can attend. The only requirement to get into a charter school is an open slot at the school in the requested grade. If a school receives more applications than it has available slots, then the school will hold a lottery to choose students. There is no tuition to attend a charter school.

What makes Dynamic Community Charter School different from other charter schools?

The specific mission of Dynamic Community Charter School is to provide a more excellent educational environment for middle and high school students with developmental and intellectual disabilities that is challenging, comfortable, and safe.  Our approach to educating these exceptional students involves project-based learning, competency-based grading, collaborative problem-solving, and teacher-directed programming.  Please read more about our education plan, as it is one of the fundamental differences between DCCS and other schools.

Dynamic Community Charter School offers a standard high school academic diploma, attained through two courses of study. The two courses of study include Future-Ready Core and Future-Ready Occupational. DCCS students working on the Future-Ready Occupational course of study will not be required to complete 360 hours of paid vocational employment in the same job over the course of their high school years in order to meet graduation requirements.
For further information on graduation requirements please visit http://www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/graduation/

Does my child need to have an IEP to attend Dynamic Community Charter School?While your child does not need to have a current IEP to attend Dynamic Community Charter School, we will evaluate every enrolling student who does not currently have an IEP and write one for them.  We believe that every student’s individual educational needs and goals are important and deserve specialized attention.

Where is Dynamic Community Charter School located?
5510 Munford Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

When can I apply for my child to attend DCCS?
We will accept applications for our next class of rising 6th grade students in early 2015.  Please sign-up to receive our email newsletter, follow our blog, or follow us via the social media site of your choice to stay informed.

When will DCCS open? 

Our first day of school is August 25, 2014.  You can find a copy of our school calendar here.

Will DCCS provide transportation?
Parents will be expected to transport their children to and from school. IEP transportation is an exception, however.

Will DCCS provide lunch?
No, students will bring their lunches each day.

I am an interested teacher, therapist, assistant, etc. How can I get involved?
We are now accepting applications for qualified teachers and teaching assistants!  Visit our employment page for more information.  Feel free to email us at dynamiccommunityhs@gmail.com with “Education Committee” as the subject if you have specific questions.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Please feel free to contact us!  We’re happy to answer your questions.