Fundraising Support

Please help us advertise our upcoming gala by changing your cover and profile pictures on facebook to these photos:
Dynamic-Con Facebook Cover Photo

Dynamic-con Facebook Profile pic

Thank you to all our families and friends who helped us raise over $105,000 in our Building a Dynamic Community campaign!  We could not have done this without everyone’s incredible efforts and support.  We have truly built a Dynamic Community over the past month! While our campaign is officially over, we will gratefully accept any additional donations via Paypal or mailed to our school address.

Mark your calendars to attend the following events to support our Dynamic Community:

  • a gala affair with an exciting hip and trendy theme on March 7, 2015
  • the 1st annual Dynamic Community Educational Conference next spring.

As we distribute art and information about these events, please share these opportunities with your family, friends, and community in every way possible.  We will add the graphics to this page as they become available so that you have easy access to them for sharing.

Fundraising Resources:

  • Click here for a donation solicitation form you can use as you solicit support for our Dynamic Community!
  • Click here for a Dynamic presentation you can use to share information about our school (If it doesn’t automatically play when it opens in your browser, make sure to click on the wheel icon at right and turn on “autoplay!”)!
  • Print and/or distribute our informational brochure as you explain to others why our school and its mission are important to you.

brochure 2brochure1

B&W Handout

  • Feel free to share our video:
  • Consider sharing our blog or some specific posts that are meaningful to you as you solicit support for our school and our efforts.


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