DCCS Parents’ Association

The purpose of the DCCS Parents’ Association (PA) is to provide support for the DCCS Administration and Faculty; to coordinate fundraising efforts; to facilitate communication among parents; to foster parent volunteering and involvement; to foster and increase the sense of community among DCCS families; to develop further opportunities for our children both in the school environment and in the community; and to increase our presence in the community at large.

DCCS PA President: Sara Brady
The President of the Parent Association is responsible for developing agendas for and presiding over all meetings of the PA and the meetings of the Officers of the PA; serving as the liaison between the Board of Directors, the DCCS Administration, and the PA; serving as the final decision-maker in all matters discussed by the PA; mentoring the committee chairpersons; and assisting with social media promotion.

DCCS Parents’ Association Letter 10.14.14

Upcoming Parents’ Association Meetings:

DCCS PA President Elect: Open Position
The President Elect serves for a 2-year term.  The first year he/she serves as the President Elect with the following responsibilities: The PE is responsible for assisting the President; filling in for the President whenever necessary; and assisting with social media promotion.  In the second year, he or she becomes the President of the PA.

DCCS PA Communications Officer: Open Position
The Communications Officer is responsible for taking and distributing minutes for all meetings of the Parent Association and meetings of the Parent Association Officers; creating and distributing a weekly email to the parents and other subscribers (i.e., “the Blaze); assisting with social media promotion; and maintaining and updating the website (WordPress).


Our committee meetings always have an “open door” policy!  It’s never too late to become involved. Please check the calendar of events for information concerning the dates, times, and locations of our upcoming meetings! Contact us with questions, concerns, ideas, and needs.  We share a common goal: to be an all-ways excellent school community for the sake of these amazing kids!

Building & Grounds:
Danielle and James Cockrum, Committee Co-chairs

Current_Punch List_10-30-2014

Open Position, Fundraising Events Subcommittee Co-chair
Open Position, Grants Subcommittee Co-chair

Programs & Activities:
Angela Price, Committee Chair

The Programs and Activities Committee exists to support our students, our staff, and our families at Dynamic Community Charter School (DCCS).  As a committee, we will foster support for each other and connections within our community by creating social events for students, parents, and families; by increasing awareness of community-wide events that our DCCS families can participate in; by reaching out to DCCS families in need; and by creating opportunities to assist and show appreciation for our DCCS staff.

Open Position, Committee Chair